Taking drug carrying capacity to new frontiers

The BeePratte Complex™ is composed exclusively of clay and bee pollen (non-allergenic pollen conveyed by bees). It allows fragile active ingredients, notably bacteria, to bypass all of the difficulties relative to oral administration.

  1. Protects against bile and pH shock.
  2. Facilitates adherence to the mucus and to the villi.
  3. For the first time, promotes reactivation and multiplication of micro-organisms within the digestive tract and their colonisation of the mucosa.

The BeePratte Complex™ complies with the various standards for the protection of health and the environment. The invention is safeguarded by two patents.

“The BeePratte Complex™ could revolutionise the targeted vectorisation of active ingredients, particularly live ingredients, in the human or animal intestinal tract, promising major potential to modify intestinal ecology and microbiota-host symbiosis.”

Joël Doré, Director of Research at INRA and Scientific Director at INRA MetaGenoPolis.